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Whether you're a corporate organisation, a startup, a cultural institution or an NGO: here's an overview of creative ways to reach your goals with Coverstories.

1. Use Coverstories to introduce your app or product to new users

Relevant for: startups entering a new market, who need to be discovered by a broader audience of potential customers.

Type of content: a brief, useful and preferably visual introduction of your product or app and the story behind it, which could include a demo video.

Suggested call to action: download the app, start your free trial, book a test drive

2. Use Coverstories to grow the audience of your thought leadership

Relevant for: corporates and other organisations who regularly publish valuable insights and opinions online to strengthen their reputation.

Type of content: a remarkable article from a CEO or leading expert, the highlights of a new report, interesting data and infographics.

Suggested call to action: read our whitepaper, download the report, subscribe to our newsletter, get in touch with our experts

3. Use Coverstories to highlight your innovation, craftsmanship or heritage

Relevant for: luxury and heritage brands and direct to consumer e-commerce companies, who want to show what makes them unique.

Type of content: a closer look at a groundbreaking innovation, an atelier or factory visit, a story showing how well a product is made.

Suggested call to action: visit our shop, pre-order now, subscribe to our newsletter, discover the new collection

4. Use Coverstories to bring (the best of) your print publication to an online audience

Relevant for: companies and organisations who invested in producing beautiful print publications and want to reach an online audience too.

Type of content: outstanding stories created for customer magazines, brochures, catalogues and annual reports.

Suggested call to action: request our catalogue, visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter

5. Use Coverstories to get more supporters for your cause or charity

Relevant for: NGO's and other non-profit organisations looking to broaden their support and recognition.

Type of content: stories connected to charity campaigns, behind the scenes reportage, interviews with aid recipients and staff, newsworthy investigative data and infographics.

Suggested call to action: donate now, sign the petition, support our campaign, subscribe to our newsletter, sign up for our event

6. Use Coverstories to create a buzz around a book, film, performance or exhibition

Relevant for: publishers, film producers and distributors, museums, theaters and art spaces.

Type of content: a sneak preview video, behind the scenes photography, a reading sample, an interview with an author, director, actor or soloist, a personal (virtual) tour showing highlights.

Suggested call to action: reserve a seat, buy a ticket, purchase book, pre-order now, plan your visit

7. Use Coverstories to give (new) customers a peek behind the scenes of your company

Relevant for: corporates and governmental organisations who want to show the human side of their operations.

Type of content: behind the scene reportage, interviews with staff and customers, a factory tour, a closer look at the value chain or a visit to the unsung heroes of a special department.

Suggested call to action: subscribe to our newsletter, visit our website, stay up to date, get in touch

8. Use Coverstories to grow the audience of your podcast

Relevant for: any brand or organisation that produces a podcast and wants to grow its audience of listeners.

Type of content: an embedded episode of your podcast, with a short introduction of the theme of the series, the host, the guests, the topic and some memorable quotes.

Suggested call to action: listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, download episode

9. Use Coverstories as an alternative for a press release

Relevant for: companies regularly publishing press releases who are dissatisfied with the required effort and the resulting media exposure.

Type of content: your press release transformed into a news story or background feature, with photographs and video, which can be self-published directly in the media of your choice.

Suggested call to action: subscribe to our newsletter, visit our corporate newsroom, get in touch with our public relations team

10. Use Coverstories to get more people excited about your event

Relevant for: any brand organising an event in need of more awareness, visitors or ticket sales.

Type of content: an overview of the line-up or programme, a promotional video, a sneak peak of the preparations, playlists, interviews with the staff, announcement of high-profile speakers and acts.

Suggested call to action: buy a ticket, reserve a seat, subscribe to our newsletter, get an early bird deal

11. Use Coverstories to take a stand in the public debate

Relevant for: any brand or non-profit organisation with a strong point-of-view, wanting to be heard and understood by a wider audience in the media.

Type of content: appeals for public support, in-depth crisis communication, a message by a CEO or chair(wo)man supporting or denouncing a policy, the introduction of initiatives and collaborations.

Suggested call to action: join the movement, subscribe to our newsletter, sign the petition, download our report

12. Use Coverstories for employer branding

Relevant for: any company or organisation that wants to attract the right talent and be recognised as a top employer.

Type of content: interviews with current employees and trainees, a day behind the scenes, an impression of your company culture, more information about job openings, special perks and the application process.

Suggested call to action: apply now, discover our job openings, visit our website

13. Use Coverstories to thank your stakeholders

Relevant for: any company or organisation that wants to thank suppliers, customers, partners or clients by putting them in the spotlight.

Type of content: interviews and or/portraits, enriched with photography and video.

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14. Use Coverstories to show how committed you are to sustainability

Relevant for: companies and organisations who deserve more recognition for their work on sustainability.

Type of content: the highlights from your sustainability report, a closer look at an innovation that's good for the environment, interviews with pioneers, inventors or activists.

Suggested call to action: read our report, visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter

15. Use Coverstories to distribute your new video (series)

Relevant for: brands producing (series) of video's, looking for more viewers beyond their own channels and social media.

Type of content: a single embedded film or episodes of a series, with a helpful introduction and/or description. Vertical video's can also be embedded.

Suggested call to action: subscribe to our newsletter, visit our website, any call to action from the video

16. Use Coverstories to promote your city or country as a destination

Relevant for: (local) governments, city councils and tourist boards who want to draw visitors for business, tourism and investment.

Type of content: attractive guides to a region or city, portraits of locals, insiders' recommendations, local entrepreneurs in the spotlight, photojournalism, virtual tours.

Suggested call to action: plan your visit, visit our website, find accommodations, get in touch, subscribe to our newsletter

17. Use Coverstories to inform people about your educational course or seminars

Relevant for: universities and other educational institutions, companies offering training courses and seminars.

Type of content: video lectures, a closer look at your curriculum, interviews with high-profile tutors and speakers, a quick introduction to exciting themes and topics.

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